Frequently Asked Questions


+ The colors of my club are red and black, I would like the booking system adapted to this.Can it be solved?

Yes. We adjust the colors of the system (both the customer- and the club-facing side) to the needs of the club, and we do this free of charge.We ask for the colors that are specific to your club and you will soon see the booking system in those colors.

+ A significant proportion of my customers speaks a foreign language and I would like to cater to their needs. Is Hella available in other languages?

Yes, the  Hella interface can be translated into (almost) any language.It is currently available in English and Hungarian, but a German translation will also be available soon.If you would like another language, please let us know and we will discuss the options.

+ Does the system meet GDPR requirements?

As the club is the data owner, the club must ensure proper data management policies. Naturally, we have a ready-made template that we provide to our customers free of charge and which they can adapt to their own needs in a few minutes.The template is free to use and modify, but if your club has a data management policy of its own, we can also set it up in the system.This is a document that customers must accept upon registration.

+ Can I change the set configuration, the types of courts/fields, opening hours, fees?

Yes, of course. The system is very open, plenty of the settings to can be customized to meet  the needs of individual clubs, and you can change each of these settings yourself.However, since we know that every first step is difficult, as an introductiory offer, we will do the initial configuration and assume the related costs. We will ask you for all the important information and you will receive a system tailored to the needs of your club in a few hours.

+ I don’t run a sports field, I only have a gym and a massage room. Can I manage these with the help of Hella?

Of course, the Hella system can be used to manage not only sports fields, but also other types of facilities, such as as gyms, massage rooms or even the rooms of a health center.

+ I am not a sports venue operator, but I manage a large tennis academy. Could the system be useful for me?

Yes, our club management module can be useful for you even if you do not operate courts. Contact us so we can identify your specific needs.


+ One of my customers has complained that he/she did not receive the confirmation email. How can we activate his/her e-mail account?

The activation e-mail may end up in the spam folder.But it’s not a problem if the customer doesn’t find it there either, because Hella allows you to activate your customer’s pending account.

+ I don’t want any strangers to be able to register and make bookings in my system. We operate as a private club. Is this a problem?

Client registration can be turned off, so it's not a problem if your club is private. We can set up the system in such a way that customer profiles can only be created by the employees of your club.

+ What does the term "club member" mean with respect to customers?

Club membership presupposes a relationship of trust that allows customers to make bookings that they will have to pay for on the basis of a monthly summary invoice.Of course, it’s up to you which of your customers you assign the “club member” status to, and whether you allow post-payment at all.


+ The cancellation deadline set in the system is 24 hours but the customer wants to cancel the bookingwith a shorter notice. What can we do to override the system settings in cases where we allow customes to cancel with a shorter notice?

Although customers cannot cancel the booking because the deadline has passed, the club can still do it. If you want to extend a favor to your customers, you can cancel their booking at the last minute or even after the time of the booking, and they will get the booking fee back in the form of credit.

+ What does blocking mean?

Blocking is a type of "booking" where you do not want to rent out the court/field because it is unfit to play on, it is under maintenance, or you are using it for some other purpose.If you also use the facility management module, it is important to know that in the event of a blocking, the heating and the lights will not turn on. As far as automated facility management is concerned, blocking means that there is no booking made for the particular court/field.

+ For some of our customers, we apply special, individual tariffs. Is this supported by Hella?

Yes, if required, we can set up individual tariffsin exchange for a small, one-time development fee.

+ Can customers purchase season tickets?

Yes. In addition to making individual bookings, customers can also buy season tickets (unless you explicitly asked for this function to be blocked). If a customers buysa season ticket during the season, the system will calculate the price for the still available dates.


+ What is credit, how can it be used and how can my customers get credit?

Credit is a virtual account. Customers can deposit money into this virtual account (online or, if you accept it, in cash or by bank transfer).Once this is done, your customers can book a court/field very easily and quickly at the expense of their virtual balance.If they cancel a booking, they will also receive credit which they can later use to make other bookings.The credit system provides great flexibility to your customers and is advantageous for your club in terms of cash flow.

+ Which invoicing program is the court/field booking system connected to?

Currently, it’s linked to szamlazz.hu, but the Billingo program will also be available from October 2020.


+ What e-mail address is the system sending e-mails from? Can replies be sent to this address?

You can set up the account of any e-mail service provider that can handle SMTP in the system. Which means nearly all e-mail service providers. But if you don't have an e-mail address or don't want to use your existing e-mail address for this purpose, you can either sign up for a free Gmail account or request another account from your domain provider. We will help you.

+ Does the system send notifications?

Yes, you can set up the Hella system to send notifications and confirmations about important promotions and events to clients and, if required, to coaches.


+ Is my data safe?

Absolutely. The system operates in a stable, high-availability environment provided by Microsoft(Microsoft Azure).We make security back upsof theentire database every day and store them in a different environment so that if the impossible happens, we can restore the data. So your data is safe, it can’t be lost.

+ Can the system be integrated into my existing website?

Yes. We recommend that you place a link, button or image on your website with an inscription you like and this will re-direct visitors to the address of the court/field booking system. Your web developer will most likely make this for you but you can do it yourself.

+ I have my own domain, can I use it for the court/field booking system?

Yes, all you have to do is have your administrator / domain registrar set up a subdomain that points to the address we provided. For example, if your domain is called "something.com", then it is very easy to set up a "hella.something.com" address where your customers can access the system.

+ I dont have my own domain. What will be the address of my court/field booking system?

We can provide an address even if you don’t have your own domain: the system will be available under the "nameofyourclub.netsolve.hu" address.

If you did not find the answer to your questions, don't hesitate to contact us: